Instead, translate Did you know that together we can benefit thousands of people? Meet the indescribable feeling of giving someone happiness to see life with different eyes, it is your gift that makes us believe in change and brings optimism. Join our cause and share the joy of solidarity. Your contribution is essential to the expansion of our services.

We have performed 70,000 procedures and our goal is to double our attendance. To continue investing and meeting quality and efficiency, the FAV has your help to continue to be the hope of those who can not pay for eye care.

Make your donation. “The best way to be happy is to contribute to the happiness of others.” (Confucius)

In this space, you can donate with complete security and privacy through PagSeguro and Pay Pal.

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Since September 2005, the telemarketing of Altino Ventura Foundation is responsible for the collection of financial donations from society, where the funds raised help meet the institution services, as required exams not passed by the Unified Health System – SUS.

And now the FAV has a new challenge: the construction of their own headquarters. We have the land, we need the help to build it.

Our fundraising campaign takes place in two stages. The first is by phone, through the telemarketing operator that comes in contact with the population to solicit donations by phone. The second is through donations over the Internet (PAGSEGURO) or sending a messenger, which is presented to donors carrying functional identification badge Altino Ventura Foundation and receives donations exclusively upon receipt of delivery to the value of the contribution due signed by the legal representative of Altino Ventura Foundation.

Our telemarketing runs from Monday to Friday from 08: 00h to 18: 00h and Saturday from 09: 00h to 15: 00h.

Call and make your donation by: 55 (81) 3221-3008, (81) 3302-4300.

Agency 3433-9
Current Account: 105158-X
Grantee: FAV Telemarketing
Agency 0050
Current Account: 4173-1
Operation: 003
Grantee: FAV Telemarketing
Agency 3295-6
Current Account: 130008957
Grantee: FAV Telemarketing



Com sua doação muitas vidas serão transformadas.

Com apenas R$ 1 debitado na sua conta de água você pode devolver a visão de milhares de pessoas. Junte-se à campanha Solidariedade que Marca e ajude a Fundação Altino Ventura a cuidar dos olhos da população mais necessitada de Pernambuco.